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I am looking for a clear explanation on the length of bankruptcy before you are discharged. I am reading it can be 9 months or 21 months based on your income at the time. Does this mean if you make more money you are in for 21 months? What are the income amounts that determine this decision? I know someone who was discharged after 9 months so only paying to bankruptcy for 9 months not 21. Is it because they had less than x amount of dollars in debt or made only x amount of dollars? Confused...I am being told if we claimed we are in for 21 months.



Grant Thornton Limited



Feb 12, 2018



Hi Vickie, You are correct, the length of bankruptcy for a first time bankrupt is either 9 or 21 months which is based on income earned during bankruptcy. The total family income earned is used to calculate surplus income payable based on the Superintendent Standard. The standard is a chart with minimum income needed to be earned to cover minimum household expenses for different family sizes. If you are earning more than the standard then your bankruptcy would be 21 months instead of 9 months. If you need further clarification of surplus income and length of bankruptcy please contact one of our professionals at 310-8888. We would be happy to review with you.

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