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Contact us toll free in Alberta to review all debt help options, not just bankruptcy.

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Alberta bankruptcy & debt help — Calgary, Edmonton and throughout Alberta

Grant Thornton Limited, former practice of Alger & Associates Inc., provides Alberta bankruptcy and insolvency services and debt solutions including debt counselling, consumer proposals and bankruptcy.


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Contact us in Alberta to review all debt help options, including debt consolidation and reduction with a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

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How much is it really cost you? Credit cards and smart shopping.

When was the last time you put a purchase on your credit card? For most people making purchases on their credit cards is a daily, if not weekly, occurrence. So when was the last time you looked at the interest rate on your credit card? Or ...

The oil and gas price wave, preparing your finances for whatever happens

It’s been said that most people in Alberta are either working in the Oil and Gas industry or have someone close to them that does. With oil prices plummeting to the lowest they’ve been since April 2009, many consumers are fretting over ...

bankrupt and filing bankruptcy in Alberta

People like you

Richard is the father of two young daughters. When he and his spouse filed for divorce, the burden of supporting two households fell on his shoulders and his debt load began to grow.

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Don't wait, there are options available to solve your debt problems.

Whether credit card debt, tax debt or other, if you live in Alberta and you're ready to take the first step to solving your debt, talk to us. We will help you understand your options and review all the solutions available to you, debt help, not just bankruptcy.

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How to get out of debt

Everyone's situation is unique and we can help you explore all possible solutions before you make any decisions. Options to get out of debt and avoid bankruptcy in Alberta include: contacting your creditors, debt consolidation, informal debt settlement, credit counselling, orderly payment of debt, a consumer proposal.

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